About Me

My name is Rosie Martinez I graduated from Arizona School of Massage Therapy (ASMT).  I am a licensed massage therapist and certified medical massage practitioner. I have been massaging for the last 7 years.  I started my journey into this awesome profession for two reasons.  The first reason being I suffered from severe back pain and I wanted to prove to myself was massage therapy actually beneficial to someone like me.  The second reason was while working in a physical therapy gym and sports chiropractic office i felt there has to be more to helping others with there pain.  I constantly asked myself what could I do physically to help someone feel better?  I am happy to say that I answered both of these questions.  I found with consistent bodywork I was able keep my low back pain at bay and received other benefits that I didn't expect.  Also by me physically working on a patients body the effects were exciting to see.  I got to see how someone that had chronic  hip pain for a year have no pain after receiving bodywork. The list goes on.   I will continue to keep learning and applying this knowledge to help others.  Thank you for choosing me to help you in your healthcare needs.